Free Love vs. Baseless Hatred

When Jews sin, G-d then confiscates certain gifts that were given to us. The main gift taken away is hashkafa. What is it that hashkafa provides us with? Why is it so important to learn? Explore the period of mourning during the counting of the Omer. What happened to Rabbi Akiva's 24,000 students and why? The common understanding is that the students spoke lashon hara and had baseless hatred. Why have we been mourning this tragedy for the 2000 years since then? What is so special specifically about this tragedy? We must go back and understand the purpose of creation and the Messianic cycle. Discuss the process and the Torah personalities that led from the one mitzvah that Adam had to the 613 mitzvot we have today. Jews are referred to in the Torah as mamlechet kohanim v'goy kadosh, a kingdom of priests and a holy nation - what does this mean? And what does it mean that all of Israel are responsible for one another? With answers to all of these questions, we can then return to the question of Rabbi Akiva's 24,000 students who died and understand it in a new light.