Thinking Skills

The Ramchal introduced several unique ideas. He introduced the concept of a skill, which is something you learn and develop; and there's also chochma. The Ramchal says that Torah is a skill. Critical thinking is a skill. Many times emotions and ego get in the way of thinking and of truth, and the skill is to be able to work through them and past them to think clearly and logically. When you look at many facts together, you must figure out how to arrange them and how to find the critical elements. Indeed, even learning Gemara is a skill and a different way of thinking. The Ramchal believed very strongly in the theory of teaching someone to do something, and not just handing it to them ready-made. In order to truly understand something, you must have holistic thinking - big picture thinking. We should strive to come to resemble G-d. G-d is the awareness of existence; man is the existence of self-awareness. That's the difference. Why are lashon hara and sinas chinam so deadly? Because they directly destroy the resemblance to G-d. Explore how time and space are illusions and why G-d wants us. Understand how childhood is a curse and how when Mashiach comes, childhood will end.