The Truth of Non-Existence

There is a way of thinking whereby you really begin to understand the truth, and there's another way of thinking where you begin to touch on the truth but really have no idea what's going on. Most people learn things horizontally. Vertical learning is when you're not only seeing pieces of information, but you're seeing two ideas are connected so that each one supports the other idea. The brain is not comfortable with all the separate pieces of information, so it is always searching for truth and for unity of the ideas. This difference in thought is like the difference between what a fly walking on a painting can see, versus what you can see of the painting standing a few feet away - the big picture. Begin to explore 11 different "threads" which together will give the complete picture of what hashkafa really is. We all perceive things differently. What is our sense of self? Your mind is the blackboard of all existence, without exception. Does G-d know that He's G-d, does He know Himself? G-d's awareness of self actually creates existence. Man, as a creature who knows existence and non-existence, has trouble grasping the concept of G-d who is existence itself. He is so much existence that even His name is existence, shem hahavaya. Discussion of construction of an entity and the essence of entities. Delve deeply into what existence means. G-d put us into existence but if He were to walk away and leave us be, we'd pop right back into non-existence. He has constant oversight over all of us. Man is completely dependant on G-d for our conitnued existence, whereas He is completely independent of anything. Our truth is non-existence.