Childhood: Curse or Cuteness?

What do many South Korean households have a set of the Talmud in their houses? Do non-Jews really understand the importance of the Jews in the world? What about the Jews themselves? Where will the redemption begin, and who will be the first to recognize it? Are the South Koreans recognizing something about us that we ourselves don't yet see? What does zohama look like, and why do we need to know? The world before Adam's sin and after is really a contrast between justice and mercy. If we don't understand these two attributes and how they affect us, we don't understand life at all. Even if Adam hadn't sinned, he still would have had children and expanded. What is the zulaso and how does its form change through history and before and after Adam's sin? The sin changed what Adam physically is and what he is capable of knowing. What information do we receive through our senses, and how is that limited? How do babies view the world, and why is childhood a form of punishment? Moving from child to adult changes the ratio of how we see reality as opposed to self. At the beginning it is all self, and once we are grown we realize that everything is actually reality and we are part of that reality. When it is said that a child is completely the evil inclination, it means that the child is 100% egocentric. Everything is for him, and he is his frame of reference. A child does not recognize G-d and all He does. In this way, a child is almost like a different species than an adult. The individuation process for a child, where they finally begin to understand that reality is more important than self, begins only in adolescence. Each of us, as an adult, still has some percentage of child hidden within us. The higher the ratio of child within a person, the worse off he is. Someone who is still mostly child could even be mentally ill. This also comes with a lowering of free will and a level of suffering. Would we rather be existentially annihilated, or live with a little voice in our head that makes us miserable at times but allows us to live? When Mashiach comes, what will he do in terms of this inner child?