Split Personality Angels

An extended review of the lessons to date. The compromise between mercy and justice is called madrega, level; this is what saves us when we sin. An oft-misunderstood aspect of hashkafa is that evil actually changes through three different forms. Lovingkindness, justice and mercy each change evil in different ways in order to save us. Whenever we do a sin or a mitzvah, we create an angel who becomes either an accusing angel against us (for a sin) or who speaks in our favor (for a mitzvah). The Satan is both the angel of justice and the angel of mercy. How is this possible? How can one angel be trying both to destroy us and to save us? It is one angel who can enter two different modes of consciousness. What are the three different phases through which nahama d'kisufa or evil travel? What happens during each phase, and how does it affect us in the physical world? In a way, the Satan becomes your auditor as the representation of the externalisation of your nahama d'kisufa. The separation of the physical and the spiritual is death. Why was death created to begin with? What made it necessary? And what happens with the zohama? We die so that we will not be annihilated. The angel of justice is an executioner; the angel of mercy is a parasite who wants to feed from us. How can we better understand these concepts through looking at the snake and at his unique punishment after Adam's sin? How will this whole dynamic between us and the angels and evil change after the resurrection of the dead?