The Sufferings of the Mashiach, continued

We all have a rather simplified view of who the Mashiach is and how the process will happen. In reality, it is a complicated and long drawn out process. If we are guaranteed redemption by the year 6000 and that's less than 300 years away, then what is happening? Why hasn't he arrived yet? He wants to wait until all the Jews merit the Mashiach. What is the World to Come? What is zichuch? We are all aware of ourselves and separately of reality, but that was not always true. We used to have awareness only of ourselves, until the nahama d'kisufa was separated from us and then by necessity we became aware of reality as well. In the Messianic era, spirituality and physicality will once again merge and reality will once again merge with our self. That is zichuch. The Mashiach can eliminate the processes of justice, mercy, and zohama. How is this done and why can't it be done now?