The Sufferings of the Mashiach

What are the important attributes of Mashiach? What will happen in the Messianic era? What is the Messianic era and how will it move us to the World to Come? In every generation there are two people born who have the ability to become a Mashiach, should that generation merit it. How do we know that there will be two Mashiachs? A brief discussion on false Messiahs in history. What were the tikkunim instituted because of Adam's sin? The tikkun of the snake was instituted by the attribute of justice, while the zohama was instituted by mercy. The Mashiach these days will be a lowly, suffering being. How can he then rise up to his proper heights? The Mashiach reflects the damage of Israel in the exact place where they had the most damage, usually that of improper relations. His job is to pass the test on all levels. What other kinds of suffering are involved for the Mashiach? In current politics in Israel, such as with Gush Katif, how can we apply our knowledge of the redemptive process to understand what happened?