Why did we need Egypt?

The essence of Pesach is the first redemption, the exodus from Egypt. The Haggadah speaks very vaguely about the whole story, and seems to skip over the most important question: why were we in Egypt in the first place? We don't need saving if we aren't put into suffering to begin with. So why were the Jews put into that position in Egypt to begin with? They didn't need the experience in order to become a nation, because they were righteous people when they went down to Egypt. What would have been added by 210 years of exile? What were they supposed to be doing? What was the purpose of the 10 plagues? What is the theme of this entire story? Most people accept the superficial meaning of the events; what is the deeper meaning? What is the conflict between lovingkindness and justice? justice includes the notions of existence and annihilation, whereas lovingkindness only includes the notion of existence. Follow this balance from Adam through Noach's generation and the flood, all the way to the exodus from Egypt. Again and again in Breishit we see the changing nature of the zulaso and of the World to Come, and the levels that will be included in the World to Come. There is a fundamental shift in the pattern once Avraham comes around and G-d decides to choose a single nation for this rather than all of mankind. What's the difference between a Jew and a non-Jew? Once G-d limited the World to Come to only the Jews, they had to take over the portions of all the other people who were now excluded - but first they had to clean those portions of the zuhama that blemished them. Which of the plagues frightened the Egyptians the most and why? The plague of darkness scared them the most because they worshipped the sun, and this was definitive proof that G-d is greater than what they thought was their greatest G-d. This was closely followed by the Death of the Firstborn, which in essence was the transfer of power of the Shechina from all the firstborn of Egypt to the firstborn of the Israelites. What is the power in the modern world of the nations of the world? How do the Western and Eastern worlds affect us Jews? For example, until Hinduism dissolves we will not have redemption because there is real power there.