Spiritual and Physical Duality

Everything that we see in the world and how we see it has something to do with nahama d'kisufa. We are all composed of a self, and we are aware of both ourselves and the reality around us. G-d created self, and all the rest of creation comes from the original self that existed. Three attributes came into being in order to run the world: lovingkindness, justice and mercy. Lovingkindness was unconditional existence, that G-d wants to fundamentally give existence while asking nothing in return. This led to the presence of nahama d'kisufa, which then led to the need for justice. That attribute requires the zulaso to earn what it receives in order to correct the nahama d'kisufa. Mercy emerges only if justice fails, meaning that if you fail to correct the nahama d'kisufa then according to justice you should be annihilated - so the mercy comes into play to save us. Nahama d'kisufa is a duality of two thoughts within the zulaso that merge in such a way that cuases confusion. The zulaso at this stage is still not a soul as we understand it today. It is a self-aware self, but not yet a soul, body, spirituality or physicality. Once we progressed into souls and bodies, into the physical world, we then had two lenses through which to view the world and G-d. The world of physicality and the world of spirituality are separate but connected. The separation is what allows free will. What is the difference between a Jew and a non-Jew? Adam, Noach, Avraham - were they Jews or non-Jews? Every person in the world until the giving of the Torah was fundamentally Jewish. It was only once the Torah was given that something was taken away from the non-Jews and they were made, in a way, into a different species.