Introduction to Nahama D'Kisufa

What is nahama d'kisufa? Literally it means bread of shame. It is mentioned in the Zohar and in the Gemara. Why is this concept so important? It is because of nahama d'kisufa that the entire physical and spiritual universes were created. It is the reason why G-d went beyond the World to Come to create this world. The attributes of justice and mercy both serve nahama d'kisufa. There are six ways to look at nahama d'kisufa. What are the specific elements required to truly understand this concept? What is the definition of nahama d'kisufa? Why do we even have it; can't G-d get around the problem without it? What fixes nahama d'kisufa? What is the relationship of nahama d'kisufa to the three Divine attributes? In order to have truth one must have intellectual honesty, or the ability to say, I don't know. When we say Hashem echad, that G-d is one, there is no implication of He is one but there could be another. It is a declaration of G-d's complete and utter uniqueness and oneness. What is the concept of self? A person who is aware of himself makes a differentiation between self and everything else. An infant thinks that everything is himself until he is about six months old and finally realizes that not everything is attached to him. G-d says, "There's nothing but Me", and yet when we look at G-d outside of ourselves we say, "Not me". How can it be both? Are we ourselves or are we our soul? What is the difference between the two?