Mercy's Compromise

How does the attribute of mercy work? What is the nature of evil, and why do we suffer? What is zohama? The answers to these questions are some of the most hidden of all. Mercy was only introduced into the world after Adam sinned. If he had been governed only by justice, he would have been totally annihilated. Instead, the idea of madregos was introduced. If you don't make it on one level, you're bound to make it on the other. Whatever madrega a person gets to, he has to earn that madrega. Madrega is an institution of mercy; when justice and lovingkindness got together and discussed the idea of madrega, that was the first instance of mercy. Over time an entire madrega system was created in order to allow a person to survive if he sins. When good happens to good people and bad happens to bad people, that's the madrega system. But when bad happens to good people and good happens to bad people, that's zohama. Zohama is an anti-unity entity. What does this mean? When we sin, in order to save us G-d separates us from our sin and then takes our sin and makes it into a being unto itself, which can have a discussion with us. That's zohama, where our sins can actually "come alive". But there are two types of mercy here, the one when we are lowered a madrega and the other is zohama. How do we know when each one is used? In the former case the sin or mitzvah becomes a part of you, and in the latter they are separate from you.