Mashiach the Low

What is תגבורת הרע? How does mercy apply the idea of madregos, levels, throughout history? Mercy diminishes what you are capable of doing. What does the Mashiach, the greatest soul ever, look like today? What kind of person is it and what does he do? He will be the person we least expect to see, because we ourselves are at the bottom of the barrel. His mind and his thinking will be sick, and he will not realize until he is close to the redemption that he is the Mashiach. Our mitzvot are split into two categories, child and adult. Adam was created as an adult so at the time there was no differentiation in mitzvot. A person with full free will is an adult, whereas if you lose that free will then you are considered to be a child. That is zohama, that reduction to the state of a child. A close examination of history proves that there is a move from adult spirituality to child spirituality. Class distinctions among Jews are thinly veiled baseless hatred.