The Geulah: The Reversal of the Attribute of Mercy and its Mechanisms

Rabbi Kessin relates anecdotes, loads of hashgacha and things he learned as he travelled through nine countries of the Arab world. What current events (circa 2011) around the world seem to be mida k'neged mida for what these nations did in the past? Review of the concept of madregos or levels in the World to Come and why they were created, and the "entification" of your sins. What does mercy do? It is so subtle that it often cannot even be sensed. The whole function of the redemption is to undo what mercy did, so in order to understand the redemption we first must understand what was done to us. The first step of redemption is the reversal and gradual elimination of mercy. What is the purpose of the Messianic era? Why do we need that step between this world and the World to Come? The entire purpose is to remove the attribute of mercy and the zohama which Mercy created. The attribute of mercy lies mostly within man's form. It fogs our view and our awareness of ourselves in ways that we don't even realize. It makes us not even know who we are and makes us smaller and smaller. Why? How does this save us? By narrowing what we know and how we feel about ourselves, it changes our free will. If we are not choosing well and are making mistakes, then those things are taken away from us so that we don't hurt ourselves further. Our awareness of spirituality has dropped so drastically throughout history - from the days of our forefathers through the giving of the Torah, the open miracles of the First Temple and the lack thereof in the Second Temple - and today we don't even have a Temple building at all! In reality, we have become the Temple but we are not aware of it. What changed in the world to go from prophecy to nothing? It is all a matter of a level of awareness.